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Keynote Speaking

Tara Antonipillai is that rare speaker who will both connect personally & spark action.

All compelling keynote speakers have a hidden superpower that ultimately ignites the message they seek to deliver.

Tara's is this: translating the science of positive psychology and well-being into practical takeaways that busy type-A people can readily embrace and put into practice.

Tara is deeply passionate about sharing the science of how humans can flourish yet also understands working with the practical realities of the real world we live in.

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past keynote venues

IWIRC Annual Conference
Crowell & Mooring Women Partners Retreat
Gunster Law Firm Retreat
Baker Donelson Associate Retreat
Lawyers Association for Women
DC Bar Annual Conference
ABA International Law Annual Conference

sample topics

Make Well-being Work for You
Harnessing Your Stress Response
Practical Mindfulness
Practical Optimism
Everyday Resilience
You at Your Best
Beating Burnout with Empathy and Engagement
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