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At Cultivate, we draw on research in positive and organizational psychology to help you build a team or organization that is engaged and thriving. Primarily, we can support your needs in three different ways.

1. program design & development

Are you designing an internally-facing workplace well-being program or an externally-facing community initiative? You've come to the right place.

Our team brings over a decade's experience designing meaningful initiatives and programs that create lasting impact. We utilize our distinctive community-building framework to achieve programmatic goals, as well as enhance participants' sense of connection and holistic wellbeing. We practice an inclusive participatory design process to craft appropriate solutions perfect to meet your needs.

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2. organizational change management

Our organizational change strategy is guided by an Appreciative Inquiry (AI) approach.

AI is a positive, strengths-based approach designed to help organizations capitalize on and routinize the things that are going well. AI is supported by years of organizational scholarship, and has successfully guided cultural change efforts at fortune 500 companies like Apple, Johnson & Johnson and Coca Cola.

Appreciative Inquiry utilizes a 5-step process grounded in positive questions and inspired by human potential:


What do you want to achieve?


What are your organization’s strengths?


What could the future look like?


Make a plan to make it happen.


Put the plan into action.

3. data collection design & analytics

In order to make positive change, organizations need to understand where they stand now. Cultivate helps design, implement and evaluate well-being, job satisfaction, engagement, and team cohesion surveys so that teams and organizations can manage well, celebrate success, and plan for change as necessary.

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Providing actionable data, analysis, and a strong plan for organizational change.

Is your organization a candidate for consulting?

If your company is launching a well-being program, is interested in using surveys or metrics to find out what is working and what isn't, or has a specific issue you're looking to tackle - we are here and ready to help.