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Mental Health First Aid


What is Mental Health First Aid?

The National Council on Mental Well-being's Mental Health First Aid program is an interactive 8-hour training course that presents an overview of mental illnesses and substance use disorders in the U.S.

Participants will learn about the warning signs and risk factors of mental health problems, better understand their overall impact, and review common treatments.

The course offers easy-to-follow materials for non-clinicians to identify, understand, and provide initial help to individuals in crisis or showing symptoms of a mental illness or substance use disorder.

People meeting in a support group
First rehab meeting. Psychotherapist talking with patients of support group

Why should I hire Cultivate for my MHFA certification?

Our Mental Health First Aid program is authorized by the National Council for Mental Well-being.

Our courses are taught by experienced instructors who have Big Law experience, are former PD professionals, and/or are mental health professionals.

We are proud to offer quality MHFA certification to law firms across the country.

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